The Law of Enthusiasm

Natural Law of EnthusiasmWe just wrapped up another “No More Hygiene” seminar this week ( that was filled with great dental teams from around the country that are committed to being on the leading edge of dentistry.  It is evident that things are radically changing in dentistry and these teams are leading that change.


One great example of such a leader is Jim Urpenbach from Knoxville, TN.  I have known Jim for many years as one of the earliest Crown Council members and a continual learner.  He has a great practice and has raised an outstanding family.  Jim’s children are all married and leading successful careers of their own.  They all live in the area close to Jim and they check in with him frequently.  But not because they are worried about Dad!  They check in frequently because they get from their dad the same thing I got from Jim this week.  A big boost!


Each morning on his way to work, Jim gets a daily dose of “Lead the Field” by Earl Nightengale.  It is the classic self-improvement program that has been around for years.  While many at his stage in their career are “burned out,” Jim is fired up!  He is expanding his practice, learning new techniques, and adding new clinical skills to his skill set.   As a result, he has a vivid vision vibrating vibrantly for where he is going and the difference he wants to make in the world.  He is inspiring because he is inspired.


The natural law of enthusiasm states: “People don’t ‘buy’ initially because they are enthusiastic, but because you are.”  The only way to maintain and build your enthusiasm is to work on your vision through education and development of yourself as a person.  Enthusiasm has no age limit.  It is a state of mind, not a stage of life.


So go to work on yours.  Learn more.  Work harder.  Look forward.  Dream big.

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