Boost your Case Acceptance: How to Get More Patients to Believe and Act On Your Treatment Recommendations

In a nation-wide survey of some of the leading cosmetic dentists, we asked, “What is the most powerful case acceptance tool or technique you have ever used that has had the biggest positive impact on your case acceptance results?” The most popular response? “I got my own work done.”

Think about it. What’s the visual aid while you are doing your case presentation? Your own smile. If it is not a shining example of what you can do for your patients, what is the patient thinking? “Not good enough for you? Not good enough for me!” Additionally, how much more confident are you when you know you have done for yourself what you are recommending to others?

The Natural Law of Belief says that your confidence, credibility and conviction come from your own belief. We can’t help but act on our strongest beliefs. Over time, you can’t believe something you have not acted on any more than you can go back to somewhere you have never been. If you believe it, do it! If you do it, you’ll believe it…if it is the right thing to do.

Continuing on with our study, the second most powerful thing leading dentists said they have done to boost case acceptance is, their team got all their work done. How powerful is it when the entire team is a walking, talking, living example of what is possible for your patients? If the team believes in what you do, they should do it. If they do it, they’ll believe it….if it is the right thing to do.

One of your most powerful case acceptance tools is The Natural Law of Belief. The more you believe it, the more you’ll act on what you believe. If you want to present with confidence, conviction, and credibility, you have to come from a position of strength. And the strongest position you can come from, is a position of belief. If you believe it, you do it.

So what do you really believe? If you believe it, have you done it? If you do, your case acceptance results will show it. That’s the power of the Natural Law of Belief.

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