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Your Reputation is NOT What You Think It Is! Thumbnail

Your Reputation is NOT What You Think It Is!

  It is easy to think that your reputation is based on how you treat others and how you behave. In a sense it is. But on the other hand, how you act is more a reflection of your character. Your character belongs to you.   Your reputation on the other hand does not belong to you. It belongs to others. Your reputation is what others say about you and how many people say it! A

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Capturing the Market TOGETHER! Thumbnail

Capturing the Market TOGETHER!

  I have always held that when general dentist and specialist work more closely together, they can capture a greater share of the market. That idea was the impetus for general dentist, Dr. Nathan Tanner in Billings, Montana to pull all of the specialists and their teams he refers to in his area together for two days of Total Immersion training. As a group they worked on ideas, techn

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Loss or Gain

What is more motivating, the fear of loss or the desire for gain? When it comes to your patients, you might be surprised to know that it is loss that matters most. For example, if I were to tell you that you would receive $5 if you spent a few minutes helping pick up garbage in the parking lot, I doubt that you would even get out of your chair. But if I walked over to where you were sitti

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