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Better Than “YES!”

Among the many things we measure on a daily basis is the ratio of prospective new patient calls to the number of appointments that get scheduled from those calls. It is not cheap to get the phone to ring and we want to make sure we are maximizing the return on that investment. So what is a reasonable expectation for appointments set to incoming calls? If the marketing is targeted to the

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“I want to think about it.”

  Of all the patient objections, this seems to be the toughest one. Here are some specific verbal skills worth committing to memory for immediate use the next time you hear a patient say “I want to think about it.”   You: “That’s a good idea Mrs. T. A decision this important deserves the proper consideration. In fact, many of our patients tell us that when they think

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Be A “Booster”

Who is your “booster?”  Our local high school has a booster club for everything.  My favorite is the AP Booster Club that supports and encourages students who are in the Advanced Placement Program. But how about you, your practice, and your patients? Who is the booster?  Let me give you 4 examples from my week of great boosters: While in a ToPS practice this week, I had the opport

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How Referable Are You?

In the never-ending quest for continual improvement and search for great ideas, I am constantly reaching out into every possible corner of the world. That journey has led me to speak to 300 of the leading home remodelers in the country that were holed up in a 4 day retreat in a remote part of Wisconsin to reinvent their businesses. As an industry, this group has had it rough for the last tw

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Ask for Another New Patient

    Looking for more new patients?   Here is one of the most overlooked opportunities that costs nothing and is just sitting there. Here are the exact things you need to do:   1. Track on a daily basis the number of potential new patient calls that come into your office each day. Anyone who answers the phone in your office just keeps a tally of how many ca

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Who’s in Your Corner? Thumbnail

Who’s in Your Corner?

    While in Louisville, KY recently for one of our Eagle U programs, (www.EagleUniversity.org) I was reminded of the recent passing of Muhammad Ali since Louisville was his home town.   There was a time when Muhammad Ali was the most recognized figure in the world. He was powerful, dedicated, and an excellent fighter. Whether you thought he was “The Greatest” or

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Purpose vs. Process

        If we have spent any time together at all, you have heard me tell about my experience nearly 25 years ago with Dr. W. Edwards Deming considered to be the father of quality.  He shared two principles with me that are essential for every organization to grasp: 94% of success is in the system. You must have constancy of purpose.   I was

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