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The Power of Expectation

It is a funny thing about life. You usually get what you EXPECT. A financial coordinator I observed recently presented the financial arrangements for a large case in an almost apologetic way as if to say, “I am sorry this is going to cost so much.”  It was clear from her presentation, attitude and tone of voice that she did not expect the patient to move forward.  Her expectations wer

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No More NOs

Maybe it’s just me, but there aren’t very many things that get me stirred up like being told “no!” Maybe it is last child syndrome in me, but I just don’t like to be turned down. I’ll bet that most of your patients don’t like to be told “no” either. Here in Dallas, we have a well-known, five-star hotel, The Mansion on Turtle Creek. It is known for its exceptional service. Bu

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The Law of Exclusivity Thumbnail

The Law of Exclusivity

The Law of Exclusivity states that most people want what few people can get.   Think about it, you always want access to the exclusive places, and things to which only “the few” have access.   Here’s a variation on an idea that will help make your key appointments more “exclusive” and more highly valued by your patients.   Critical ingredients of the

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“Why didn’t my previous dentist tell me?!” Thumbnail

“Why didn’t my previous dentist tell me?!”

  If you have ever heard that question from a new patient, you have probably wondered about the best response.  While it depends on the patient, there are some clear things to do and not do. Here’s some quick tips… Any patient who asks this question is coming from one of two places. They are questioning you and whether or not to trust you based on the good relationship t

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Look Out Below! Thumbnail

Look Out Below!

  I stayed at a Fairfield Inn and Suites (Marriott brand) recently, followed the next week by a stay the Hotel Intercontinental. The Fairfield was new, reasonably priced, with free breakfast and free internet. The Hotel Intercontinental was much more pricy, nice marble and hard wood décor, room service for a hefty fee, expensive breakfast, and internet access for a fee. The two experie

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Skunk Syndrome Thumbnail

Skunk Syndrome

  There is a fully fenced-in football field and track near our home that I frequent for early morning runs.  On several occasions in the dark early morning hours I have almost collided with a skunk wandering around the field and across the track.  It happened twice on a recent morning.  I’ve concluded that the skunk is trapped on the field because of the fence.  There is only one

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Be Different!

Psychologists tell us that there is a natural pull to want to be like those around us.  At our ToPS seminars, that is something we have taught for years.  It is important that your patients and clients see you as someone they can relate to; someone like them.   But when it comes to business, it can get you in trouble.  Take the airlines for example.  It seems like they all follo

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