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How Do You Compete?

  At our Crown Council Annual Event in Las Vegas a few years ago, I highlighted some businesses worth emulating. One of my favorites is the Donut Stop in Amarillo, Texas. Founders, Rose Martha and Jim Cates provide a great case study on how to stay competitive. Their story is well-known in Amarillo. The hometown chain (Donut Stop) was put on notice when Krispy Kreme announced their

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Who’s Leading the Practice?

Who’s leading the practice?  Who’s being lead? It is a familiar conversation that we have on a regular basis with dentists who are just getting familiar with Total Patient Service and making the step to invest in the most important asset in their practice, the team:  “I don’t know if I have a team that is worth investing in. They are just not motivated. They just don’t seem to p

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The Opposite of an Idea

Years ago while speaking in Colorado Springs, a dentist came up to me at the break and thanked me for improving his golf game! I questioned him since we had said nothing about golf. He shared that he had always tended toward putting short. He realized that the biggest reason was because he always said to himself while putting, “Don’t land short.” The principle we discussed was the fact

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On which client will you focus?

  Years ago I was riding through West Texas with a senior marketing executive from Town and Country Food Stores. We were visiting some of their convenience stores in preparation for a presentation I would be giving at their company annual meeting.   As we went from store to store, I realized that I had not seen any “Pay Before You Pump” signs on any of the gas pumps. This wa

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Comfort Zones

One of my all time favorite pieces of business and motivational literature is a speech given by insurance executive Albert E.N. Gray entitled “The Common Denominator of Success.” Some of the more salient points of this address were popularized by Earl Nightingale in later years.   I was reminded this week of a specific point Mr. Gray makes in his address. He said, “It is easie

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A Great Recovery

While in Las Vegas, I was reminded of a simple principle of Total Patient Service worth reinforcing with your team. It’s the principle of “Recovery.”   After dealing with a long series of mishaps with a hotel that were handled poorly before and after the incidents that occurred, I said to myself, “this is really not that difficult.” You see, no body’s perfect. To execute

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  My oldest daughter, Ashlin, recently reminded me of her engagement to her husband, Skylar. They will be celebrating the first year of their marriage at the end of the year. It is refreshing to watch them because there are some lessons which we all need to be reminded of personally as well as professionally.   When engaged to be married a person is: Committed Totall

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