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Administrate or Innovate?

  Leadership in any line requires many different skills. Some are in direct opposition to each other. For example: administration vs. innovation.   Administration is the skill of managing people and organizations so that everything runs smoothly and stays aligned with policies and procedures.   In many ways, it is the art of maintaining the status quo.   Innovation

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The Law of Cooperation

  Life is full of what I call natural laws. The natural laws of human behavior are similar to natural laws in physics and nature. Gravity for example, is a natural law. What goes up must come down. In life, if you attempt to violate a natural law, there are consequences. You don’t break the natural law. It breaks you. The same applies with natural laws of human behavior.   So

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Simple Math

  We are gearing up for the Crown Council's 22nd Annual Event, where dentists from all over the country come together for three days of idea exchange, practice planning, mentorship and a culture rejuvenation, I am reminded of simple math as follows:   10+10=100 but if you simply turn the + sign on its side you get an “X”. That minor change creates the following equatio

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What’s your WIG? Thumbnail

What’s your WIG?

Over the years, I have spent some time with dental professionals, as well as students from all over the world. Many times, I would discuss the Common Denominator of Success – the things that make dentists and professionals in general successful.   Among the many factors that create the Common Denominator of Success is habit. One of those habits is setting and reaching goals. For

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Acres of Diamonds Thumbnail

Acres of Diamonds

    I have known Dr. Tim and Kathy Droege from Breese, IL for over 15 years. They have a thriving practice in their rural farming community of 3,200 people. Kathy grew up there and the two of them met at a nearby University. They started a practice from scratch over 25 years ago after being told that there was not enough dentistry for them to do there.   Looking bac

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Quit Running Your Patients Off Thumbnail

Quit Running Your Patients Off

  One of my mentors was the late Bill Gove, first president of the National Speaker’s Association and first winner of the most respected award in public speaking. Years ago Bill shared with me his first (and last) experience going as a patient to one of the most respected clinicians in dentistry who has since passed on.  I omit his name, but the patient experience and perception

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“Is this going to hurt?” Thumbnail

“Is this going to hurt?”

  How often do you get that question from a patient?  Just about every day!* There is no answer that is a good answer for this question.  For example, if you say “Not much,” the patient will hear, “It is going to hurt a lot.”  If you say, “You might feel a little pinch,” the patient will think, “It is probably going to feel more like a punch!” This patient ques

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