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Quit Running Your Patients Off

  One of my mentors was the late Bill Gove, first president of the National Speaker’s Association and first winner of the most respected award in public speaking. Years ago Bill shared with me his first (and last) experience going as a patient to one of the most respected clinicians in dentistry who has since passed on.  I omit his name, but the patient experience and perception

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“Is this going to hurt?” Thumbnail

“Is this going to hurt?”

  How often do you get that question from a patient?  Just about every day!* There is no answer that is a good answer for this question.  For example, if you say “Not much,” the patient will hear, “It is going to hurt a lot.”  If you say, “You might feel a little pinch,” the patient will think, “It is probably going to feel more like a punch!” This patient ques

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Where are you now?

  Every year,  Sports Illustrated produces a publication that makes for some great lessons in life. It is their annual summer double issue featuring athletes of yesteryear and “Where Are They Now?” feature stories.   Story after story is a great reminder that life is not just a single victory, but a series of “games” which you get to play and constantly better you

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A Wake Up Call to the Realities of Business Thumbnail

A Wake Up Call to the Realities of Business

A recent trip to a dental practice this week reminded me of an article published in the Seattle Times by Dr. Bob Maher about decreased insurance reimbursement rates to dentists in Washington. (To read the article, click HERE.)   I always scratch my head when I hear that dentists are angry, shocked, and surprised when reimbursement rates are cut. Of course they are getting cut. They

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“That’s more than I was expecting!”

    How do you respond when a patent reacts to the fee for his or her dental work by saying, “That is more than I was expecting!” Without thinking, your first response might be to justify the fee and explain the complexity of the case and everything that has to go into it.  If you do, you’ll probably lose the patient. The issue here is not so much about the fee as

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No One Wants What You Have! Thumbnail

No One Wants What You Have!

  A lot of what is wrong with dentistry is that many are under the mistaken certainty that patients really want the services dentistry provides. WRONG!   People don’t really WANT a cleaning. They don’t want a crown, filling or even a veneer. And they certainly don’t want a root canal. They don’t WANT any of these things.   Let me explain…  

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Is the Election Killing Your Practice? Thumbnail

Is the Election Killing Your Practice?

I got a call this week from a dentist I have known for many years who was concerned and perplexed at the lack of restorative treatment and case acceptance on his books for the next few weeks. He was struggling to find out why his patients are having a hard time saying yes to treatment - this was a significant change for his practice! His question to me was this: "Could this possibly have somet

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