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Skunk Syndrome

  There is a fully fenced-in football field and track near our home that I frequent for early morning runs.  On several occasions in the dark early morning hours I have almost collided with a skunk wandering around the field and across the track.  It happened twice on a recent morning.  I’ve concluded that the skunk is trapped on the field because of the fence.  There is only one

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Be Different! Thumbnail

Be Different!

Psychologists tell us that there is a natural pull to want to be like those around us.  At our ToPS seminars, that is something we have taught for years.  It is important that your patients and clients see you as someone they can relate to; someone like them.   But when it comes to business, it can get you in trouble.  Take the airlines for example.  It seems like they all follo

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The Early Advantage Thumbnail

The Early Advantage

  If you have spent any time with us at a ToPS Seminar or been to the Crown Council Annual Event, you know about one of our favorite quotes, “When you’re early, you’re on time.  When you’re on time, you’re late.  When you’re late, you’re lost!”   I was reminded this week of a time I was at one of my favorite practices, Elizabethtown Dental Associates in Eli

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Staples vs. Office Max Thumbnail

Staples vs. Office Max

We are fortunate in our town because we have plenty of retail choices.  When it comes to office supplies, for example, there is a Staples just 5 minutes away and an OfficeMax 7 minutes away.  If that does not work, you can get to an Office Depot in 10.   I went into Staples recently looking for four items.  I wandered around trying to find what I was looking for.  When I finally

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Be a Self-promoter Thumbnail

Be a Self-promoter

It came to my attention recently that a dentist had accused me of being a “self-promoter” as if that was a criticism. I was flattered! Think about it. Nothing happens until someone promotes something. Whatever that “something” is, it has to be promoted by someone. Some of the most notable figures in history have been self-promoters: • Ben Franklin – promoted himself and the Amer

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How “Social” are You? Thumbnail

How “Social” are You?

  At a dental meeting recently, I sat in on a session about “social media” ie. Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc.  The casual observer might have been lead to believe that social media would cure all marketing problems in a practice.   Contrast that to another presentation I attended for CEO’s from around the country in which the CEO of a major multi-media company in t

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Appoint Existing Patients with an Emergency Thumbnail

Appoint Existing Patients with an Emergency

    It happens frequently: An existing patient calls who has not been in for some time.  He or she has an “emergency” with a tooth that is hurting. Before you do the expedient thing by asking which tooth it is, take a moment to do the patient a favor: You: I’m sorry to hear you are having a problem.  Do you mind holding for a moment while a get your records?

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