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The Most Powerful Practice Motivator

    One of the biggest challenges of leadership is motivation.  “How do I keep the team motivated.”  What motivates people has been one of my life-long interests.  While all of us are motivated by different things, when it comes to a team, there is one very powerful motivator that must be present for you or any team member to stay engaged, keep coming back day after day,

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The Secret to Balancing Skill Building and Motivation Thumbnail

The Secret to Balancing Skill Building and Motivation

My sport of choice in high school was wrestling. (I tried basketball but the height thing was a problem for me!) I must have been aching for punishment because wrestling has to be one of the most physically demanding sports there is. At the height of a particularly stressful period one season, our coach walked in with a serious look on his face and told everyone to get up to the basketball cou

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6 Myths That Maybe Killing Your Team

  If you are like most dentists, one of your greatest challenges and frustrations is…management! Teeth are easy compared to people. Even though teeth are in the mouth, they don’t talk back and they don’t have emotions! How you manage your team depends to a great degree on your belief system about what motivates people. There are 6 common myths of motivation. They are mistaken

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Ask Steve!

  I have heard of a number of “formulas” that have been presented and they all have one thing in common:  the number of active patients in a practice per hygienist.  What is not usually addressed, is what kind of patients they are.  This makes a huge difference. The formula is going to be influenced by the percentage of patients in perio treatment or in perio maintenance.

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What It Takes To Succeed At First Impressions

    First impressions make lasting impressions. Science supports the fact that the decision someone makes in the first six seconds of an encounter does not change after 20 minutes. In short, we have an initial emotional reaction, and then look for validation The first impression that patients have of your physical office happens before they walk in the door.   The appearan

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Weekly Skills that Drive Case Acceptance

  Every once-in-a-while we stumble across something that really hits home.  It seems like everywhere I go in dentistry, someone stops me and makes a comment about “The Skill of the Week.”   Launched  through the Crown Council (, The Skill of  the Week highlights an essential skill that every team member needs to know to get better results with patient

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15 Minutes That Could Make or Break Your Day!

  Consider this:  Scientists have discovered how quickly we adopt the emotional state of those around us by measuring the physiology, heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, etc. of two people sharing a conversation.  As the conversation gets started, the vital signs of the two bodies are different.  But after 15 minutes, the physiological profiles of the two bodies become very s

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