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What It Takes To Succeed At First Impressions

    First impressions make lasting impressions. Science supports the fact that the decision someone makes in the first six seconds of an encounter does not change after 20 minutes. In short, we have an initial emotional reaction, and then look for validation The first impression that patients have of your physical office happens before they walk in the door.   The appearan

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Weekly Skills that Drive Case Acceptance Thumbnail

Weekly Skills that Drive Case Acceptance

  Every once-in-a-while we stumble across something that really hits home.  It seems like everywhere I go in dentistry, someone stops me and makes a comment about “The Skill of the Week.”   Launched  through the Crown Council (, The Skill of  the Week highlights an essential skill that every team member needs to know to get better results with patient

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15 Minutes That Could Make or Break Your Day! Thumbnail

15 Minutes That Could Make or Break Your Day!

  Consider this:  Scientists have discovered how quickly we adopt the emotional state of those around us by measuring the physiology, heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, etc. of two people sharing a conversation.  As the conversation gets started, the vital signs of the two bodies are different.  But after 15 minutes, the physiological profiles of the two bodies become very s

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How Self-Promotion Can Influence Your Patients to a “YES”! Thumbnail

How Self-Promotion Can Influence Your Patients to a “YES”!

What is more motivating, positive or negative emotions? When it comes to your patients, you might be surprised to know that it is negative emotions.   For example, if I were to tell you that you would receive $5 if you spent a few minutes helping pick up garbage in the parking lot, I doubt that you would even get out of your chair. It came to my attention this week that a dentist ha

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The MOST EFFECTIVE Youth Success Program to Help Students Get a 7-Year Career Head Start! Thumbnail

The MOST EFFECTIVE Youth Success Program to Help Students Get a 7-Year Career Head Start!

  We’ve just finished an amazing week with over 200 high school and college age young people from all over the U.S. and Canada who attended the Eagle Univeristy Youth Leadership Program.  ( Founded nearly 25 years ago, Eagle U's mission is to expose young people to ideas, techniques and systems of success that will help them get a significant lead in life

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Dental Case Acceptance: Building Believability, Likeability, and Trust

You are sitting at lunch and the server brings a delicious sandwich, a BLT sandwich. If you want the benefit of the savory flavor of the sandwich, you’ll have to take a big bite. In much the same way, if you want to savor the flavor of successful interactions with each patient, you need to take a big bite of another type of BLT sandwich. This time it’s not bacon, lettuce and tomato,

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Boost your Case Acceptance: How to Get More Patients to Believe and Act On Your Treatment Recommendations

In a nation-wide survey of some of the leading cosmetic dentists, we asked, “What is the most powerful case acceptance tool or technique you have ever used that has had the biggest positive impact on your case acceptance results?” The most popular response? “I got my own work done.” Think about it. What’s the visual aid while you are doing your case presentation? Your own smile.

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