Boost your Case Acceptance: How to Get More Patients to Believe and Act On Your Treatment Recommendations

In a nation-wide survey of some of the leading cosmetic dentists, we asked, “What is the most powerful case acceptance tool or technique you have ever used that has had the biggest positive impact on your case acceptance results?” The most popular response? “I got my own work done.” Think about it. What’s the visual aid while you are doing your case presentation? Your own smile.

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The Natural Law of Attributes

Meet Bob. Or at least, meet Bob’s room. Take a look around until Bob gets here. Just by observation, what can you tell about Bob? Organized? Thorough? Detail oriented? Perhaps not. The Law of Attributes says that we take on the most powerful attributes of the things and people around us including our environment. Conversely, our environment takes on our attributes. You’ve heard it st

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The Natural Law of Attention

You are sitting in a lecture daydreaming about what you are going to be doing over the weekend when your mind immediately snaps to attention to what is going on at the front of the room. Everyone is silent. Your mind races, grasping for the data it needs at this exact moment. What happened? What brought your attention back to the front of the room? It was nothing more than a simple questi

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Wisdom from Warren Thumbnail

Wisdom from Warren

  In my earlier years of seeking out good mentors, I recall spending the better part of my day at the feet of Warren Buffett, and to the side of Bill Gates in Omaha, NE. The insights could fill volumes, but here is one that may surprise you.   If there were one aspect of managing a business that the world’s most brilliant investor dislikes, what would you guess that it is?

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The Power of Expectation Thumbnail

The Power of Expectation

It is a funny thing about life. You usually get what you EXPECT. A financial coordinator I observed recently presented the financial arrangements for a large case in an almost apologetic way as if to say, “I am sorry this is going to cost so much.”  It was clear from her presentation, attitude and tone of voice that she did not expect the patient to move forward.  Her expectations wer

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No More NOs Thumbnail

No More NOs

Maybe it’s just me, but there aren’t very many things that get me stirred up like being told “no!” Maybe it is last child syndrome in me, but I just don’t like to be turned down. I’ll bet that most of your patients don’t like to be told “no” either. Here in Dallas, we have a well-known, five-star hotel, The Mansion on Turtle Creek. It is known for its exceptional service. Bu

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The Natural Law of Authority

The Natural Law of Authority states that we believe and act on the advice and direction give to us by those we perceive to be in authority. A classic study at the University of Texas highlights the effect of authority perception. Students were given the assignment to persuade other students to jay walk or cross a busy intersection against the traffic signal. Some students were dressed in re

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